PhD Consensus Survey

Exploring PhD Students' Views on Vital Policy Issues

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PhD Consensus Survey

This survey explores PhD students’ views on vital policy issues, regularly polling students on a range of timely and relevant topics.

The results provide a counterpart to the often-cited survey conducted by the Initiative on Global Markets (IGM).



  Title Date Results IGM Panel Survey
9 Stablecoins June 2022 Link Link
8 Inequality April 2022 Link Link
7 Ukraine March 2022 Link Link
6 Crypto Assets March 2022 Link Link
5 Natural Experiments January 2022 Link Link


  Title Date Results IGM Panel Survey
4 Omicron December 2021 Link Link
3 Inflation December 2021 Link Link
2 Vaccine Mandate October 2021 Link Link
1 A 2022 Rate Hike? September 2021 Link Link